Base Mold Test (1 indoor test and 1 outdoor control test)


Base Mold Test with Control

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Do you have a smell that you are concerned is mold?  Is there something growing you want to test to understand if it is mold?  I will come onsite to conduct a mold test and send the samples to a lab for analysis.

Price includes:

  • Two air samples (one control taking outside and one in the room of concern)
  • Temperature/Humidity measurement
  • Moisture content measurement of questionable surface
  • Overnight shipping to testing lab
  • Electronic delivery of testing results
    • Identification and Enumeration of Fungal spores
    • Analysis with Dander, Fiber, and Pollen counts


  • This base product includes two air tests.  One test is a control that is taken outside and is required for analysis of the indoor sample.
  • The typical turnaround is 3 business days.

What happens when I check out?

  • You will be given the option of paying upfront with PayPal or request payment upon completion.  Upon completion, I can accept cash, Venmo or major credit card.


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