Fence post/leaning fence repair


4×4 Fence Post Repair

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Do you have a leaning fence that you think could fall over any day?   There are products available that can repair a rotted 4×4 posts without having to dig a new hole!  Save money and add life to your fence by using Simpson Strong-Tie E-Z Mender.

This service includes:

  • Inspection of the fence to determine viability of using this product.  If I can’t use the product for some reason, there will be no charge
  • Remove fence pickets and any rails that obstruct access to the E-Z Mender
  • Dig around the fence post to expose concrete
  • Install the E-Z Mender
  • Add concrete up to ground level
  • Reinstall rails and pickets


  • I will evaluate the fence post before beginning work.  If I am able to determine the E-Z Mender won’t be effective, there will be no charge for the visit.
  • If work has begun, but the E-Z Mender is not effective due to the current installation, the work will be discounted by 50%.  Examples of issues that are not visible until after the work has begun would be that the post was not in a concrete footer, it was previously repaired in a manner that doesn’t allow proper installation.



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