Driveway Wing Painting (1 Side Only)


Using approved yellow paint to paint the wings one end of the driveway

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Let drivers know it isn’t OK to park with their bumper in your driveway!  Portland code allows homeowners to use special yellow paint to deter bad parking.  Most clients select painting just the “wings” of the driveway even though the city allows you to paint all the way across the throat of the driveway with a line up to 8 inches wide.  Here’s what you get when selecting this product from PNW Home Improvements:

  1. We will inspect your driveway and confirm that painting the wings will comply with city code.   If your driveway does not meet the requirements, there will be no charge for the visit.
  2. We want the paint to adhere well to the concrete.  This means the 1 wing that will be painted I will thoroughly clean the area with a wire brush to remove dirt and moss/plants.
  3. After the area has been cleaned, the area to be painted will be taped to create as clean of lines as the condition of the concrete will facilitate.  You will be asked to approve the area to be painted before continuing.
  4. The area will be painted with city-approved yellow paint.  Finish work will always be done with a brush to get into all the cracks and crevices

Note that only the city can extend the paint beyond the wings of the driveway, add no parking signs and paint stripes perpendicular to the curb.  To request these services, please visit the city’s website for Driveway Clearances


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