What can you do about people parking in front of your driveway?

Parking is an issue in Portland and it is only getting worse.  Everyone is trying to squeeze into the smallest of spaces and that often results in you having issues getting out of your driveway!  If someone blocks your driveway, you can call Portland Parking Enforcement at 503-823-5195, get the car ticketed and towed. 

But what can be done to prevent them from parking there in the first place?   You may be surprised to find out that the City of Portland lets you paint your curb yellow to give the driver a clear warning that they are parking too close.  While you don’t have to ask for permission before painting your curb, you do have to follow some very specific rules and if you violate them, you could be facing significant fines (up to $500 per day for code violations!)  

If you don’t want to figure out these rules or have to buy the special paint, there are other ways to get the work done.  

  1. You can submit paperwork to the Portland Bureau of Transportation and they will come out and evaluate the driveway and then paint the curb for you.  
  2. You can hire PNW Home Improvements to evaluate the driveway and then paint the curb for you.

By having the city do the painting, they are able to evaluate extending the paint up to three feet beyond the throat of the driveway.  Only the city is allowed to paint beyond the throat.  In addition, the city is the only contractor that can paint lines perpendicular to the curb to clearly demarcate where the no-parking zone begins and ends.  

As you might imagine, the city won’t do this for free.  If you do want the city to paint your curb for you, you must submit payment of $360 to the city to be put into the queue of requests.  After submitting your paperwork and payment, you can expect to have to wait a couple of weeks before being contacted by the city. 

Hiring PNW Home Improvements to paint the wings of your driveway is much more cost effective and faster than working with the city.  We will come out and take a look at your driveway, thoroughly clean the area that can be painted making sure any moss and dirt is removed and use city-approved yellow paint to paint the apron or the entire throat of your driveway.  This can all be done just a few days after you submit your order!

More information about painting driveways, you can visit the Bureau’s web page at Portland Bureau of Transportation – Driveway Clearance

If you have a mailbox facing the street, there are additional steps you can take to deter illegal parking.  They can be found at Portland Bureau of Transportation – Mailbox Clearance.

To learn what is included when hiring PNW Home Improvements, or to schedule to have your driveway painted, please check out our store. Driveway Clearance Painting

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